About Faceless

Faceless Promotions was initially set up as a platform to promote the book “Seven Days To Love” by former Death Row inmate Nick Yarris. In doing so, founder Laura Hindley was able to liase directly with members of the BBC, ITV, The Observer, The Independent and human rights charity REPRIEVE. Using her copywriting and SEO skills she produced numerous press releases for the book, which show up at the top of Google’s rankings when you search “Seven Days To Love By Nick Yarris” (the REPRIEVE article).

Since completing this task, Faceless Promotions has expanded into many different areas. Using the tag line “giving the unknown a face”, the platform aims to generate exposure for people who love to write or create some kind of art that can be featured online. Currently the website allows writers, bloggers and contributors to feature their work in the following areas: fashion (Faceless Appearance), creative writing/blogging (Faceless Prose), music/videos (Faceless Productions), photographs/visuals (Faceless Photographs) and conspiracies (Faceless Conspiracies).

Absolutely anybody can be a part of the Faceless Promotions team, as we are extremely passionate about nurturing the talent so many people have today. It can be difficult to gain exposure, especially when you don’t really know where to start, so here at Faceless we make it easy for you. With social media platforms in place, you can share your work with your friends, family and internet users alike. Contributing will also allow you to interact with other people who post, enabling you to grow and learn some new skills. In fact, when this WordPress blog was set up it had a few teething problems. Luckily a WordPress and SEO whizz was able to talk us through the process via Twitter. What’s even better, he was in Australia and we are based in the UK. The joys of the internet! So a big shout out is owed to @DigitalClasses (digitalclass.com.au), the Aussie lifesaver.


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