Ask All You Like About 9/11, Just Don’t Ask Why

september 11

I wrote this a while ago and decided to publish it today, as it is quite relevant to the current state the world is in. Whilst it is important to understand the danger people are in at the hands of a corrupt and power-hungry Government, it is also essential to remembers those who lost somebody on that tragic day. This article means no disrespect to the families that have to endure suffering on a day-to-day basis, it is merely a call for justice.

If i was to say the word’ conspiracy’, which word would you associate with it? The first word that comes into your head. I’d hazard a guess that is was ‘theory’. Am i right? Society has conditioned us to associate ‘theory’ with ‘conspiracy’ because after all, conspiracies are theories, aren’t they? A theory is a hypothesis; a supposition intended to explain something. As long as there is no evidence, a conspiracy IS a theory. However, the minute you have a piece of evidence, no matter how flimsy it is, it becomes a possibility. As more evidence is gathered, the more possible, and eventually probable, the conspiracy becomes.

There are numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the events of September 11th 2001, however most have been discredited by Government Officials. As we well know, George W. Bush relishes any chance to make his backwards and borderline dumb opinions heard. Hell, he could be the poster child for the prevention of incestuous sexual relations (resulting in unwanted pregnancies) amongst the ever so broad-minded folk of Texas; I hear it’s a real issue there. He didn’t fail to disappoint when speaking about the conspiracy theories surrounding September 11th: “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th. Malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves; away from the guilty.” Oh, apparently it’s okay to lie about your reasons for invading an innocent country and therefore causing the death of so many civilians, but it’s not okay for people to grow some balls and stand up to the corrupt Government in which you lead? Right. As soon as these conspiracy theories began to surface, they were ridiculed. It terrifies me how easily people believe anybody who is in a position of power; as if they possess some superior quality which makes them holy and trustworthy. It’s even more terrifying how one group of individuals can keep so much from their own people; the people they claim to protect. The fact of the matter is, power fucks people up. It always has done and it always will do.

Most of the press coverage surrounding the events of September 11th focused on The World Trade Centre. Even the majority of conspiracy theories focus on this, with the Pentagon being ignored. On that day, four events occurred within an hour and fifteen minutes of one another, which indicates that they were all related. If this is the case, then isn’t it probable that if you find one person or party involved in just one of these events, then they are likely to be involved in all four? Withholding, manipulating and distorting evidence certainly involves people and in my opinion makes them guilty, whether they masterminded the attacks of 9/11 or not. With that in mind, I am going to present to you discrepancies in reports given to the general public by the Government and good old Georgey Bush himself. You have to admire the man. I don’t know anybody stupid enough to go on National Television and stand in a pose, evidently practiced after taking tips from a soap opera, and attempt to pretend that they had no prior knowledge of any such attacks. He has balls, he really does. Hopefully one day he will be rewarded by being dumped in a darkened room with only a starved Cannibal for company. Apologies, i am going off on a tangent; any excuse for a bit of Bush-bashing.

Back to the matter at hand. In 2002, a French website posted photographs which raised very serious concerns as to whether the hole in the Pentagon was actually created by a plane crashing into it. Some of these photographs showed the hole to be smaller than how it was depicted in news reports, as well as there being no sight of any debris whatsoever; not an engine, part of the wing, or even a wheel. Going back to the hole created in the front wall of the Pentagon: the approximate size was 65 feet across and 75 feet high; definitely too small to fit a plane with dimensions of 124 feet wing-to-wing and 155 feet nose-to-tail. Although there is this discrepancy in size, there is no doubt about the fact that there was damage to the building. However, this damage was completely inconsistent with the damage made by the planes that hit the World Trade Centres; which created a fire so intense that it melted away the steel structures, causing the buildings to collapse, or so we were told anyway. For me, the most significant piece of evidence that proves a plane of that size and magnitude could not have smashed its way through the Pentagon is the lack of smoke and fire damage in photographs taken following the incident. In fact, these pictures depict filing cabinets in tact, an untouched computer, a wooden desk and even a wooden stool with a book open; the pages aren’t even singed. Surely a fire ripping through the Pentagon, as a result of 86 gallons of fuel igniting, would at least SINGE paper?! It’s absolutely ridiculous that mentally challenged individuals, such as George Bush, expect the World’s public to just accept that. It’s even more ridiculous that the majority actually do.

The evidence doesn’t stop there. Oh no. This is America for fuck sake; even the cover-up of young boy loving among Roman Catholic Priests doesn’t operate on as large a scale as anything in America. When the select few who possess a brain in the US started asking questions about this preposterous discrepancy, CCTV footage was released by the Pentagon. This footage consisted of five images, which Government Officials felt ‘cleared-up’ any misunderstandings. However, I believe it just fueled the fire and provided a stronger argument for a Government conspiracy. These images a) had an incorrect date in the bottom left corner (September 12th 2001 17:37:19) and b) did not show any plane hitting the Pentagon but merely showed an explosion. Images from ONE CCTV camera were released. Where were all the other cameras aimed? Surely, with the Pentagon being the symbol of US defense and supposedly the most secure building in the Country, there would be more CCTV footage? One CCTV camera. REALLY?! Are we genuinely expected to believe that bullshit? It’s almost laughable. To top it all off, CCTV footage from a nearby gas station was confiscated by Government Officials following the incident. This CCTV camera was pointing in the exact direction of the ‘plane that hit the Pentagon’. Sure that doesn’t look dodgy. Sure George Bush didn’t make a call whilst having a bath, with no worries in the World, to somebody ensuring the wool was being pulled over the public’s eyes. Sure George Bush isn’t a waste of Oxygen. Sure he doesn’t deserve to have his bollocks chewed off by a pack of wolves. Sorry, digressing again.

The evidence is there in black and white, however it’s totally up to you to decide whether this is a theory or indeed a conspiracy. Next time you read a Government report or see a Government official give their opinions on something, think back to what i’ve said. Power is man’s worst enemy; it opens the door for lies and manipulation. Consider the motives behind what is being said. Most of all, never trust a Texas-born American who can’t even locate supposed ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in a country a fraction the size of his own, just like his father who couldn’t locate the condom he should have worn the night of conception.

By: Laura Hindley – @LauraHindley2

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