How Long Before You Don’t Wear Make-Up In Front Of Somebody You’re Sleeping With?


You’re lying in bed next to the sexiest thing you have ever laid your eyes on, dreamily reenacting the previous night of passion and all things filthy. You spend so long doing this and planning your future Wedding/children/life with this “perfect” person that you suddenly think “shit!”. This is not because you have realised that you are falling into the trap many women do by genuinely believing all of this will happen and getting your hopes up, all of which will be dashed when you go for a couple of drinks with the girls and see your object of lust all over the hussy who is clearly wearing a belt for a skirt. No ladies, your sudden onset of panic is because you have realised that your make-up is no longer providing a safe barrier between your real-self and your ‘future spouse’. Your once confident and sexy demeanour has been washed away by this lack of make-up as you are no longer a fit sex goddess but are in actual fact a Plain Jane from the office. This is the dilemma many women face and leads one to wonder how long is acceptable before you stop wearing make-up in front of somebody you are sleeping with?

I like to use the analogy of cake to address this issue. Imagine you are walking along the street and a shop window catches your eye by appealing to the inner obese woman we all have inside us. Your eyes search amongst the masses of cakes and all things filled with saturated fatty goodness. Logically, which one will catch your eye? Obviously it is going to be the most colourful, the tastiest looking and the one with lots of sprinkles and added sugar. This is what attracts you to venture into the shop and to add some weight onto your hips but it’s all worth it because the cake you just devoured is so pretty and was so yummy. When you’re browsing in Tesco for the weekly shop you come across a similar type of cake, just absent from the accessories and brevado the original had. Your mouth starts to water as you remember just how good the original cake was, which spurs you on to try the Tesco cake. You develop such a taste for this cake that the lack of sprinkles and added-extras doesn’t bother you and what was once an impulse buy now becomes a weekly indulgence. So think of yourself as this cake. As long as the initial tasting was amazing and your sexual moves blew your obsession’s mind you can be pretty confident that they will want to develop a weekly, or maybe even nightly, indulgence for you. Therefore to me it is not about how beautifully stunning make-up makes you look after your first sexual encounter, it is about the amount of sexy you provided for your ‘special friend’ to begin with.

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