Introducing: Kids Of ’91

The Arrival EP

I happened upon Kids Of ’91 when one of the cheeky duo Tweeted me. Not only was the person I was communicating with trying to charm me by complimenting my choice of profile picture outfit (Silk Spectre from Watchmen…because that’s how I roll) but he urged me to watch his YouTube video. After witnessing three or four minutes of pure madness, I decided that this person was not a psychopath trying to groom me. In fact, this person was a member of a very talented Electronic/Rap duo. Myron and Chris make up Kids Of ’91, who have recently worked with the entirely British production team Agent X. The result of this collaboration? ‘The Arrival EP’, which is out on June 1st. The music they have up on YouTube has already received a great deal of attention, with views totalling over 5,000 for both videos. “No Worries” and “Headbanging” are what the current music scene has been in desperate need of : fun.

Now for the serious part over. To promote their new EP, the boys embarked upon a campaign which saw them complete challenges. These weren’t ordinary challenges though. Think electric shocks, think cinnamon, think two bananas and two bottles of sprite. Intrigued yet? Of course you are! Not only did these videos provide entertainment, they gave a bit of insight into the boys’ individual personalities. For me, the most important thing for any successful music artists is to a) actually have a personality and b) to get this across in your music. Kids Of ’91 tick both of these boxes, with tunes that are sure to get you in the mood for a party. If you haven’t downloaded ‘The Arrival’ EP then get on it! Not only is it FREE, it is jam-packed full of feel-good songs and big hooks.

Get ‘The Arrival’ EP at

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