Behind The Scenes With Noeva

Behind The Scenes With Noeva

Get ready because Urban pop sensation Noeva has arrived. Think r’n’b with a modern twist; a big soulful voice meets catchy hooks and stylish beats.

Set to release her debut single on 1st July, titled ‘Only One’, she is ready to take the music scene by storm. Here is a sneak-peak from her video shoot, which took part in the Dubai dessert, and a snippet will be unveiled at 6pm TODAY!

Hard at work in the studio, Noeva will be releasing her EP ‘Spacebound’ early next year through Downing Street Records. I’ve been invited down to the studios to have a listen, so watch this space for exclusive reviews and the latest news on this fantastic music campaign!

I have included something I stumbled across when having a cheeky glance on Noeva’s YouTube channel. As a huge fan of Frank Ocean, I found her cover of ‘American Wedding’. It’s really nice to hear it done by a female and I definitely feel she does the song justice. Enjoy!

By: Laura Hindley – @LauraHindley2

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