Seven Deadly Sins Nail Tutorial: Pride

As of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins, pride is often deemed an undesirable attribute. Synonymous with superiority and vanity, to be proud is to be arrogant, and as is regularly illustrated by today’s media, overinflated egos almost always lead to the breakdown of relationships and the loss of respect. The smug, wealthy guy on TV will lose his girl (often to his meek, modest antithesis), while the authoritative, nasty woman on the cinema screen will get her comeuppance. Whether it’s an overconfident politician who won’t admit his faults, or a narcissistic celebrity who regularly inundates her online profiles with pouting, bikini-clad ‘selfies’, the pride-ridden people of today are slammed by the Media and slated by the public.

However, pride also has its positive connotations. To be proud of one’s culture and heritage is considered humble, to be proud of one’s career or lifestyle is deemed respectful, and to be proud of one’s personal and professional achievements is to be expected. Aiming high, never giving up and having confidence in oneself are all positive personal attributes, and along with its negative associations, the emotion of pride is also optimistic and passionate.

‘Proud as a Peacock’, the old saying goes. The following design is my take on the emotion, inspired by the beautiful colours and shapes of a peacock’s feather. Here, pride is illustrated via my nails, and I’ve included step-by-step tutorial in how to achieve this manicure.

The equipment:

W7 ‘Neon Green’

Missguided ‘Misslead’

No. 7 ‘Hot to Trot’

No. 7 ‘Totally Teal’

Rimmel ‘Azure’

Models Own ‘Gold Finger’

Rio black nail art pen

A fine nail art paintbrush

NailsI started out with a lime green base, using two coats of W7 ‘Neon Green’. I initially painted my thumbnail the same as the others, but I soon decided that this would alter at the end of the manicure…

Nails 2

Next, using No. 7 ‘Hot to Trot’, I added ovals of gold in the centre of my nails. I used a fine paintbrush to neaten up the edges.

Nails 3


Once dry, I used the gorgeous Rimmel ‘Azure’ to add tear drop shapes inside the gold ovals. I absolutely adore this colour, and it’s absolutely perfect for a peacock design. I also topped the lime green sections with Missguided ‘Misslead’, which is a subtle shimmery polish in yellow.

Nails 4


Then I added small black circles to the bottom of the azure tear drops, and using the striping brush end of my nail art pen, I painted a line up to the base of my nails.

Nails 5


Next, using No. 7 ‘Totally Teal’ and the paint brush, I added darker green details to the feathers. I also added sparkles to the gold section of the feather, using Models Own ‘Gold Finger’. It’s a very subtle effect, but it makes the feathers sparkle when they catch the light!

Finally, I painted my thumbnail with Rimmel ‘Azure’ and then wrote ‘Pride’ using the black nail art pen. I also added a few more sparkles using ‘Gold Finger’, which ties the whole manicure together.

Nails 6


What do you think of my ‘Proud as a Peacock’ nails? As you can see, the design is so easy to achieve, and combination of colours and shapes is really effective. Why not try it for yourself? I’m certainly wearing these nails with pride!

By: Amy Kilvington – @amykilv

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