Internship For A Budding Writer/Journalist


“Are you a budding writer/journalist/blogger but finding it hard to gain experience as an intern?

WE CAN HELP! is a growing resource for clubbing and nights out in London (also soon to branch out to Paris & NYC) recommending only the very best nightclubs, events and dj’s to a large amount of visitors every month. Each week we get out of the office and into the nightclubs to review the latest happenings having as much fun as possible in the process. It’s not easy partying all night then trying to recall all the information into a tip-top review but somehow we manage!

We’ve been clubbing for years and love to meet others who like to stay up until the wee hours partying their socks off. We’re currently on the look out for tip top London ravers who want to get down to the club, get wild on the dance floor and piece it all back together again the next day into an awesome review. Unfortunately we can’t pay our contributors as of yet (bad times!) but we are more than happy to source free tickets/entry to the club, generally sort you out with some epic hook ups, private party invites (we have these 7 nights a week), and the odd boozy gift (good times!).

Just slam together a cheeky response to the following questions:

Where in the world are you from?
What was your worst job?
What do you think you’d bring to the Cluboid party crew?
Tell us about your craziest night out?
Favourite clubs?
Tell us about a club that we don’t know about.
Tell us your secret.

Send it to us!”

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