Paid Marketing Internship With Immediate Start!


“Our company is a young and successful investments company with operations in various industries.

Due to the launch of a new and ambitious project targeting young Londoners and Based in Bricklane (East End); we are currently looking for a proactive and creative individual familiar with social networks, willing to learn and bringing your own knowledge and ideas.

This is a perfect opportunity for a dynamic and passionate marketer in their 20s looking to step up professionally and get first hand real market experience. (This is not a photocopy making internship. This is the real deal!).

The internship will be divided in 2 mini- internships of 4 hours a day each:

First task will be divided in the 3 stages described below and the other half day you will work marketing properties in different webs which could generate you extra income on commisions for clients book for our letting agents:

Stage 1:

You will be working with the graphic and design team on the corporate and product identity and supporting the marketing manager with the last details of the product creation, marketing mix and positioning statement.

Stage 2:

You will work in the product launch and implementation of the marketing and communication strategy.

Stage 3:

You will be supporting the operation and focus on brand management and business development.”

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