Introducing: Eastgreen

Eastgreen is a 15 year old Rapper from Reading. From a young age he always had a passion for music, hoping one day to play a part in the industry. At the age of 11, Eastgreen’s parents divorced. Not knowing where to release any unwanted stress, they bought him a small, budget, electric drum kit. It all started from there, really.

Two years after picking up a pair of drum sticks for the first time, he played his first public performance at a school talent show. After winning, he had the chance to meet X-Factor contestant Danyl Johnson, and finally realised that this was the path he wanted to pursue in life. Time went by, drumming was good, but it was lacking something. It lacked… Emotion. People may disagree, but Eastgreen felt that words were much more powerful. Over the next year the young musician started experimenting with rap/hip hop with best mate, Jack. The duo formed a small group called We Are Progress, and by the end of that eventful year, had produced a small home made album. It was titled ‘Swings and Roundabouts’. The rapper then went solo, experimenting with different styles and developing himself as an artist. During this time he began work on his own project, ‘The Eastgreen EP’ .

‘The Eastgreen EP’ was released in September 2012. With mixed reviews, and lots of good, helpful, constructive critism, Eastgreen went back to the drawing board again. This time, producing the album ‘Take Two’ (available for free download here: During that time the aspiring star traveled to Essex and worked with the rapper Hinton on the track ‘Business is Business’, as well as working with fellow Reading artist Esa Kwame on ‘Blown Away’.

Eastgreen is currently working on a few smaller projects, ready for a summer release, and is also hoping to get a few good gigs under his belt by 2014. Remember Eastgreen’s name, as it is one you will be hearing a lot of in the not-so-distant future!

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