Looking For Writers With A Good Sense Of Humour



“The Driptray is a brand new, UK-based online magazine, posting about anything from weird/dark happenings from across the globe to opinion pieces on current news events. We’re currently looking for writers to join the site and start contributing regularly, so that we can build up a good community of people and really get the site off the ground in the next six to twelve months.

Unlike most publications out there we don’t adhere to any specific agenda, we don’t censor our writing to appeal to the mass market, and we don’t really care who we offend; we just tell it how we see it. Because of this we’ve already had some strong reactions to some of our content, which is great news at such an early stage. One of our articles was shared over 600 times on Facebook in one day, and several others have had a decent amount of attention so there is a genuine opportunity to get your writing noticed, without your work being censored or watered down.

As all our writers are unpaid (including us!), this would probably suit someone who’s still at uni and looking to get some online writing experience and become part of a community of like-minded writers, or someone who’s looking to write either as a hobby or to gain experience outside of their day job. Or maybe you’ve just got some things you want to get off your chest.

If you like the sound of what we do and want to become a contributor, then please drop us an email and we’ll take it from there.”

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