Mr Grimez – The Anti Hero

Mr Grimez

I’m a fan of comic books because as a collective they hold so much diversity. With many creative and interesting characters, it can be hard to know which ones to read.

The reason great comic book characters have endured the test of time is because they are relatable, it’s as simple as that. I think a perfect example of this is ‘Batman’, as he holds no superpowers yet is able to defeat many great nemeses. This is something the ‘average person’ can find inspiration in, which is why the character is still one of the most loved today. If a comic has interesting and well-developed characters, who do change as the strips progress, even dull and boring story-lines can hold some form of interest. For me, modern comics tend to be similar to one another and don’t really branch out from their predecessors. That was until now.

‘Mr Grimez – The Anti Hero’ has been developed by writer Greg Griffith and illustrator Caroline Harrington. Based in London, this concept addresses the issues faced by people in the city who live there in the current day. The comic doesn’t shy away from current topics, such as drugs, the recession and the greedy nature of those in power. We’re not talking another dimension or another universe either; this comic book centres on the home of thousands of city-dwellers. This is why I really enjoyed it, as it is completely relatable. If we move away from the story-line element and concentrate on Mr Grimez himself, the creators have excelled in making the character believable. Wanting to combat the manipulation and corruption in today’s world, Mr Grimez mirrors a modern-day ‘Batman’. As Gotham viewed the Dark Knight as a criminal, those in London see Mr Grimez as a terrorist.

This is a really clever take on today’s society, whilst providing the darkness all great comic books embody. Not only do the story-lines run parallel with current problems facing people today, the illustrations are fantastic. The choice to present them in black and white fits very well with the dark and gritty nature of the creation too. If this was on the shelves, I’d definitely buy it!

You can check out the first installment of ‘Mr Grimes – The Anti Hero’ here

Artwork for the comic book can also be viewed here: &

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