Introducing: Serena Soya

Serena Soya

Serena Soya  is  definitely one  to  look  out  for  this  year  as  she  has  lots  in  store for  you  all. This  young  21  year  old  has  what many would call the “WOW  FACTOR”, as her  vocals  just  absolutely blow  you  away  and   her  song  writing  skills  are  just  second  to  none. Over  the  last  year  and  3  months    Serena  has  spent  time  building  up  a   fan  base  off  the  back  of  her  two  EP’s,  which  she  released  in  2012   entitled ‘Nice To Meet You’ and ‘Straight To The Point’.

2012 was a major take off for Serena Soya, after her first track entitled ‘Remedy’ gained over 40,000 YouTube views in the first month and received major attention from magazines, bloggers and promoters without any radio or TV play. Serena has also been featured on linkuptv and was invited to perform at the Osterley 2 day festival on the 24th & 25th of June 2012. Serena’s second video of the year entitled ‘Bruise’ was also a major success, as it highlights the important issue of Domestic Violence. Serena then teamed up with the talented north London all star artist Cas for ‘Yellow or Red’. Gaining over 5,000 YouTube views within 24 hours, it’s safe to say that the track was a complete success! Last but not least for 2012 was the release of Serena’s EP ‘Straight To The Point’, with production from the likes of Bada BeatsJay Denzi and Fusion Beats.  What an achievement 2012, which has led to the release of Serena’s debut mix tape, ‘Love And War’!

Here we have for you today, a track from Serena’s ‘Love And War’! Titled ‘Big Boots’, this is just one of many reasons you should download the mixtape! Enjoy!



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