Michael Jackson In Pictures

Michael Jackson

To commemorate the anniversary of the media reporting Michael Jackson‘s death four years ago, we take a look back at some of our favourite Michael Jackson moments.

MJ started off his career as part of The Jackson 5, which consisted of his brothers. The musical family are perhaps the most famous and iconic, as they released hits such as ‘ABC’, ‘I Want You Back’ and ‘I’ll Be There’.

Michael Jackson

Deciding to go solo was perhaps the best decision of Michael’s life, as his first album ‘Off The Wall’ went straight to number one and was a hit worldwide.

Michael JacksonIt would have been difficult to surpass the success of his debut album but MJ managed to do that with ease. ‘Thriller’ is said to have sold over one hundred million copies worldwide, which makes it the best-selling album worldwide.

Michael Jackson There are so many moments following the success of MJ’s ‘Thriller’ album that we could harp on about, as he is literally the best entertainer to ever live. For us, the Martin Bashir documentary gave viewers an insight into Michael’s magical and extraordinary life. We were introduced to the man behind the image presented by the media, who turned out to be gentle and compassionate; the complete opposite to what the press had claimed for years.

Martin BashirIt was the one concert everybody in the world wanted to go to and it sold out in a matter of minutes. ‘This Is It’ was set to be the most-talked about event of 2009 and it was but for very different reasons…

Michael Jackson This Is ItOn 25th June 2009, the media reported that Michael Jackson had died from a suspected accidental drug overdose. Whether or not you believe this and whether or not you believe Michael Jackson to still be alive, one thing remains the same: no matter what country you come from, what religion you’re a part of, what race, sexuality, gender you are… you cannot deny that Michael Jackson is/was one of a kind. In putting his music out there, he did the one thing that meant so much to him. He united the world through a love for his music. For that, and so much more, his legacy will continue to ripple out into the universe for years to come.

If you want to read more about MJ, you can watch the Michael Jackson Footage that authorities tried to hide, as well as look at the Michael Jackson Conspiracy Documentary which claims the singer is still alive and well…

Here’s one of our favourite MJ songs, ‘Bad’. ENJOY!

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