Student Bloggers Wanted!

Reference Tree

“Reference Tree is looking for student bloggers to engage with our student audience. From Uni Life to Study Skills, we’re interested in anything that makes you a student!

Who is Reference Tree?
We’re an eTextbook company that rents out whole eBooks or chapters for 1 or 6 months in subjects ranging from medicine to media to finance and teaching – basically, we do the lot. You can have a look at our website – – for examples of our posts.

What are we looking for?
Student bloggers who love to write and would like to build a portfolio for their CVs. We love creativity and invite you to bring your personality to the party. Whilst we look forward to reading witty, fun tales about life at Uni, we have a few rules. No running by the pool, no swearing and leave out the bedroom antics.

What’s in it for you?
– £50/month to write 4-5 articles/month.
– Your own profile on our website to prove your value to customers.
– You’ll get to work around your schedule, so no unpleasant commutes.”

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