Faceless Chats To CamsEra


CamsEra is a Hip Hop artist from London, who is taking the online music world by storm. We managed to catch up with the rapper to find out where fans can hear his ‘Freedom Of Speech’ mixtape, his opinion on the current UK Hip Hop scene and how important social media is for aspiring music artists!

Hello! Can you tell us a little about CamsEra? 

I was raised in Clapton for 25 years. I’m an artist/performer and have been rapping for around 8years. My passion is to make it within the music industry plus bring my team with me. CamsEra resulted from a discussion I was having with a friend, who said it was my era.

What sets you apart from music in the charts currently?

I keep it real about life and situations that people go through on a day-to-day basis. I do write certain tracks for the fans to party to as well but I prefer writing from the heart.

What’s your opinion on the current UK Hip Hop scene?

I think the music has changed dramatically. A lot of rappers are the same and have the same image and flow. Good things have come out of UK rap though, allowing us to break through in America.

 You have a big following on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. How important do you think social media is for aspiring artists?

Social media is a big thing, as it allows artists to network, showcase their work, build a name, get views and the main thing…get signed. There are a number of negatives but they don’t really bother me.

Tell us a little about your recent releases and where we can find them?

I released my second mixtape ‘Freedom of Speech’ on Datpiff.com, a well-known site for artists to upload mixtapes or videos to. I’ve got my third mixtape coming soon too, so look out for that as some of the tracks will be on iTunes!

If you had to give readers a reason to go and listen to your music, what would it be? 

I just want to be heard, plus I’m real with a conscious mind.


Check our CamsEra’s brand new video for track ‘My Life’. ENJOY!

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