Edward Snowden: Ecuador Cancels US Trade Pact


We’re all aware of the Edward Snowden case and the tensions it’s caused between the US and a number of other nations. One of these difficult relationships has featured the US and Ecuador, as the Ecuadoran government has been the victim of overt threats at the hands of the Obama Administration. Threats have centered on a key US-Ecuador trade pact, with the US stating they are prepared to revoke this should Ecuador grant asylum to Snowden.

The best way to stop a bully is to stand up to them, which is exactly what Ecuador have done and cancelled the pact themselves. Naturally, President Rafael Correa is adamant that his nation would not tolerate blackmail of any kind. But hang on, wait! Isn’t one of Ecuador’s biggest exports to the US oil…? OIL! The US are giving up oil? Of course they’re not! This pact only really effects vegetables and other greenery to be honest, however it could have a negative impact on Ecuador’s economic growth.

To end the story with a little gem, Ecuador have stood firm on their opinion of Obama’s current government and their actions in the US.  Ecuador’s Communications Secretary, Fernando Alvarado, announced that the nation would be sending $23 million of aid to the US to…wait, get this… provide “human rights training” to combat torture, illegal executions and “attacks on peoples’ privacy.” Amazing.


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