Is Syria A Smokescreen For WWIII?


The recent case of Edward Snowden and his escape to, what America claims to be, Russian territory has tested the waters between USA and Russia. Putin, the Russian President, has said he will not give Snowden up to the USA because he isn’t on Russian soil.  The conflict in Syria is also causing tensions between the nations, as the USA appear to be backing Syrian ‘Freedom Fighters’ and Russia & China the Syrian Government. Many argue that this is leading to another World War. However, a great deal of people who have researched the conflict in Syria are arguing that this is a plan orchestrated by the USA themselves…

Jesse Ventura highlighted issues surrounding the Bilderberg Group, who are said to want to decrease the World’s population to 500,000,000 for control purposes. What better way to do that than to fuel the fire for a war so vast, only a small minority will survive?

This video explains exactly why Syria is being used as a smokescreen for WWIII, as well as the USA’s involvement in this.

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