Social Media, Marketing & PR Internship

Karaoke Network

“Karaoke Network is looking for a Social Media/Marketing/PR intern to increase media presence predominantly online covering Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, Online Forums, Email Newsletters and also in Print.

Travel expenses are paid for: £50/week.

* Research, write and post articles on various social media about Karaoke and Karaoke Network in a conversational style, to ensure blog content captures readers’ interest, while promoting the Karaoke Network’s message.
* Create original video (vox pops, event recordings) and image content for display on the Karaoke Network’s website and distribution through other media channels by visiting karaoke parties at various venues every week.
* Respond, engage and converse with audiences across social channels and actively lead the development of these channels over time
* Measure and report on social media usage
* Build contacts with other media including print & online with a view to Karaoke Network contributing to relevant upcoming articles
* Write press releases, email newsletters and other online and offline promotional material
* Find, promote and build relationships with new venues

Required skills
* Proficient current user of a wide range of social media and social networking – must provide evidence of this
* Excellent written communication and analytical skills
* Great communicator with a flair for creative writing
* Fluent level English, both written and spoken, is essential.”

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