Cynikal & Cashtastic Freestyle On BBC Radio 1

Cynikal, Nihal & Cashtastic

Following on from performing at the renowned Isle of Wight Festival in June and with his latest offering “Beautiful” continuing its rotation onBBC 1Xtra, fast-rising British Hip-Hop artist and producer CYNIKAL recently teamed up with fellow emerging rapper Cashtastic for an exclusive freestyle session for Nihal on BBC Radio 1.

Rapping over D-Boy’s spectacular “RD Burman” instrumental, Cynikal and Cashtastic both bring their A-game to the table for BBC Radio 1 as it should be, with Cynikal showing exactly why he is one of the most anticipated British artists of 2013, even leaving Nihal speechless at the finale.

Watch Cynikal and Cashtastic in Nihal’s ‘Burban In The Booth’ HERE!

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