Georgie Chapple Radio Interview On ‘That Remmy And Coco Show’

Georgie Chapple

Born into a family of musicians, there was only one thing Georgie Chapple was ever going to be.

Growing up in a small village, listening to a mix of Mary J Blige and Destiny’s Child to ToTo and Journey, she was already forging out her own distinctive style for production and writing. With an ear for rhythm guitar and elaborate drums, at 13 she had already written and produced her first original song entitled “Gone”, her potential already obvious with writing that displayed her melodic prowess and experience in tone beyond her years.
Georgie was now recording songs in a small studio in Germany and after showing some of her works to a friend and fellow artist, she was instantly asked to come and perform with a group of other local acts.

Starting out performing in her home town, she became a prominent figure at every show that was held and it eventually led to Georgie writing and doing shows with and for a number of different artists all over Germany. This in turn heightening her thirst for live performance and by 16, Georgie had set up her own band who would perform their own unique covers of songs from a variety of artists such as Rihanna and Etta James to Queen, Toto, Journey and U2, as well as performing their own original material.

In 2011, Georgie moved to London, all on her own, to better herself as an artist and break into the London music scene. She was able to get immediately involved when she was asked to perform on a mini-tour throughout inner London with friend and performer Etta Smith. Whilst getting a taste for different venues and performers in the city, Georgie also started studying Performance and Recording at The University of West London where she is currently relishing working with some of the talent that they have on offer and constantly improving on her already eminent live performance.

Right now, Georgie is working on the release of her first EP titled “You are You”, coming out soon. With an eclectic style all her own that derived from her early inspirations, fusing the essence of R’n’B and Acoustic with the boldness of HipHop and Rock, as well as an astounding voice that’s all her own. With songs such as “Gravity” and “Queen of Hearts” her first EP is going to be one definitive debut.

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