WW3: Obama Prepares To Engage Syria


Many believe that Syria is a smokescreen for WW3 and if the following video is anything to go by, they would be completely accurate in their assumption.

Experts in many fields have warned about a looming collapse of America and subsequent war, which is set to engage nations across the world. Obama has seemingly prepared for this collapse, by apparently thinking about introducing a law which forces people to move form the suburbs to the city. Why? Control.

This control has been planned for years many argue, as the population is ever-growing the America’s grasp on control over its people diminishing. Why does America want to control its people so badly? Conspiracy Theorists, such as Jesse Ventura, have answered this question by bringing into play the idea of a New World Order. People who fall onto this side of the argument claim that a group of individuals, called the Bilderberg Group, are planning to dramatically cull the world’s population for complete and ultimate control.

The following video covers what’s been happening in the mainstream media, mainly relating to the case of Edward Snowden and how this is serving as a distraction to direct people away from what’s actually happening…the start of World War 3.

What are your thoughts?

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5 Responses to WW3: Obama Prepares To Engage Syria

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