Are The US, UK & France Arming Syrian Rebels With Chemical Weapons?


Syria is a hot topic among many people who read respectable tabloids, as the confusion over what is actually going on continues. Some have argued there to be a smokescreen surrounding the conflict, which is serving to distract people away from an inevitable World War 3

Nations all appear to be on tenterhooks, especially in the aftermath of issues surrounding Edward Snowden and his apparent disappearance, which have all led up to rumours that he has accepted political asylum from Venezuela.

People who have been closely following the US’ movements in the areas surrounding Syria believe it is just a matter of time before Obama moves in, with what they think will take the form of supporting Syrian rebels. However, this could be quite problematic as Russia has recently claimed that the US, UK and France have allowed (and may even have armed) Syrian rebels to use chemical weapons – something which America and its allies have claimed the Syrian Government was doing, which is why they “needed” to get involved and disband it.

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