New Device Launch New Album ‘Here We Stand’

New Device

New Device are a hard rock band from South East England, UK. Influenced by stadium rock giants such as Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and Metallica, as well as taking influence from the newer breed of rock such as Alterbridge and Slipknot, New Device manage to achieve a sound where so many others fail; authentic, solid, blues based hard rock, written by real life long fans of rock music.

The band has played every major festival in the UK, including being the band who opened the first High Voltage Festival. They have toured with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, GUN, Heavens Basement, Backyard Babies and The Treatment as well as being hand picked by Richie Sambora to support Bon Jovi at the O2 Arena on their last tour.

After the extensive touring of their phenomenal debut album ‘Takin’ Over’, New Device are ready and set to do the same with their highly anticipated second. After an intense few months of writing and recording, the five piece will be unleashed and hitting the rock scene harder than ever before. Already, after just a handful of performances showcasing their new material, the band were overwhelmed with such enthusiastic and positively charged reactions, there is no surprise that the word on everyone’s lips is that this record is set to be a giant leap forward for New Device. They are revealing tantalising hints of a powerful, darker edge to the band that sees New Device moving forward and expanding their musical range in all directions. Exploring scopes further afield than ‘Takin’ Over’, the group are now a far more rounded rock band who aim to reach many areas of the musical pallet.

With their album ‘Here We Stand’ recorded and out NOW, along with two new music videos to accompany the launch of the new record, New Device are now fully armed to do some serious damage on the live circuit.

The belief these five young men have in their music is undeniable. Visually stronger, musically tighter and more inspiring than ever, New Device will be making serious waves in 2013.

To celebrate the release of their fantastic new album, New Device will be holding a launch event on July 20th at Boston Music Rooms in Tuffnel Park, London.

You can watch the video for their latest single, ‘Save Your Life’, below. ENJOY!

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