The Eden Sessions: A Review

The Eden Sessions

Big on pretty places, anything biology and science related and the goddess that is Jessie J, Faceless were excited to attend The Eden Sessions on Sunday 14th July!

The Eden Sessions are a compilation of live music and comedy festivals, held in the summer sunshine, at none other than one of the most beautiful places in England: the Eden Project. The beautiful site boasts natural acoustics that top any other festival venue within the UK. It is for this reason that many of the world’s best have been thrilled to be a part of this fantastic event!

Not only do The Eden Sessions seek to entertain audiences with incredible acts, they hope to encourage concert audiences to think about how they can reduce their impact on the environment. With the majority of other festivals, after entry in the morning to the festival site you are bombarded with food and drink stalls with little else to keep you occupied. Not here. Not at Eden. Festival goers can enter the site from 9.30am, with so many dazzling things to see! From lush gardens to rainforest features, you really are in the heart of tranquility. This was a perfect way to relax and get in the mood for the evening’s entertainment…J, J, J, J, Jessie J!

Jessie J Eden

Having seen Jessie J twice prior to attending the festival, all we can say is the best things really do come in threes! As always, the singer/songwriter oozed effortless sex appeal as she strutted across the stage and belted out her songs. Always humble and always appreciative, Jessie spoke of her love for Cornwall and Cornish pasties and thanked her fans for helping her to fulfill her childhood dream. As a family festival, it was lovely to see all generations enjoying the music and being entertained by Jessie. Where other festivals fail by allowing mindless idiots to get drunk and puke on anything in sight, the Eden Sessions excels. Not one embarrassingly drunk person; purely a love for music and a good day out.

Jessie J Eden

Faceless’ verdict: 8/10 – a thoroughly entertaining day out. The perfect festival for somebody who wants more than a hangover the next day!


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