Bayoz Musik Presents ‘Lost Souls – The Beat Tape’

Bayoz Musik Lost Souls

Following the success of his last record Death of a Beatmaker which featured the likes of GiggsJME and Wacka Flocka Flame, critically acclaimed London producer and beatsmith Bayoz Muzik unveils his brand new musical offering, by way of this 5-track instrumentals EP titled Lost Souls – The Beat Tape.

Taking a massive detour from the glossy production and big-name features on his last record, the ‘Lost Souls’ beat tape sees Bayoz Muzik at a cross roads as he struggles to balance the industry’s demand for what they deem as “hit records” and his own desire to create innovative and ground-breaking music, artwork and visuals that nobody else is creating.

From “Lonely Path” with its atmospheric string arrangements and boom bap drums to the beat tape’s titled track “Lost Souls” which Bayoz Muzik describes as actually “sounding like lost souls” to the self-affirming “Glory” with its trap-style drums and synth-heavy organs, the Lost Souls beat tape boasts some pretty incredible instrumental music, themes and stories – on this record, Bayoz Muzik is in his element and on his own terms.

You can listen and download ‘Lost Souls – The Beat Tape’ HERE!

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