Introducing: VildirHeart


Stockholm-based alternative-pop-band VildirHeart released their debut album “The Core” (available on Itunes) in August 2011.

The ballad “She Leaves Like a Shadow” was on Swedish and Norwegian local radio charts for 4 weeks. ”Someone Tell Me” has been spinning on the internet radio station Gimme Indie Radio, the video of “If There Was a Fourth Wish” was at #1 at the Indie Chart at The same song stayed for 10 weeks at Music World Radio´s Alternative Top 20 Chart during spring 2013.

The melancholic and dark of VildirHeart has a touch of Bright Eyes and Regina Spector, but with a Scandinavian temperament this becomes something unique.  Said about VildirHeart´s debut album “The Core”:

“There’s something interesting going on here, there’s a certain breadth to what they are doing from Knife like twisted electronica to simple lo-fi folk (Americana UK) 

 ”VildirHeart play music full of harsh beauty with a friction that rubs you up the right way to create the sweetest sensation” – Staffan Hellstrand, Swedish Rock legend


What do you think of ‘If There Was A Fourth Wish’?

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