Why America Is Going To Lose WW3

WW3 America

Many argue that America got out of the Wall Street Crash created in 1907 by entering into World War 1, as well as saving themselves from the mess of a created Wall Street Crash of 1929 by getting into World War 2. Now, with opinions about the current situation differing on many levels, there is a sector of people who believe that America is planning to get out of the manufactured Wall Street Crash of 2008 by starting World War 3.

However, this time they won’t win. Why? Because they are the aggressor and History has shown that, since the end of the 19th Century, every war and conflict has been lost by the nation who started it.

The idea of a manufactured Wall Street Crash does give fire to the argument that WW1, WW2 and now WW3 have been planned. However, this time, there are many people who believe there to be different reasons as to why America are trying to start a war. Some say that the elite in America (as well as all around the world) believe the world’s population to be excessive. Not only that, the financial strains of the unemployed and hungry are a threat to the elite and so the population will be culled to regain control. This has already been seen with Obama introducing ‘Smart Growth’, which basically encourages (forces) people to move to the cities and pack into a tiny place.

Check out the full story below. What do you think?

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