Government Pump Toxic Gas Into New York Subways For “Test”?

New York Gas

Thursday morning saw New Yorkers given notifications by Government employees, which thanked them for participating in a Perfluorocarbon gas experiment. What? I don’t even think one of these people were even aware they had taken part in any kind of experiment, let alone one involving any gas substances.

The cards further explained that the NYPD and Brookhaven National Laboratory (sponsored by the Department Of Defense) would be pumping a greenhouse gas, described as “colourless, odourless and powerful”, through a number of subway lines throughout July. The claim is that the test is being conducted to study how quick gasses would spread on the underground transport system, for any future terrorist attacks.

Once you move past the obvious alarming issue of the Government doing this without any form of consent from the people inhaling the gas, another issue arises. Exposure to Perflurocarbons, the gas used within this “experiment”, has been linked to the early onset of menopausefailure of the reproductive organs, thyroid and liver problems and the onset of tumors. Oh, wow.

With many people arguing that Obama’s ‘Agenda 21’ seeking to depopulate people, could this be another tactic to move closer to the culling of a population?


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