Midas Touch Return With Brand New Single ‘We Are’

Midas Touch

UK Hip-Hop trio MIDAS TOUCH make their hugely anticipated and long-awaited return to our speakers and TV screens with the very excellent brand new single “We Are” and its accompanying visuals, sponsored by 4649 Worldwide, for our viewing pleasure.

Made up of AKSJ The Exodus and Phoenix Da Icefire – three stalwarts, in their own rights, of the underground UK Hip-Hop/Rap landscape,Midas Touch continue to be classed as one of the strongest pure Hip-Hop groups in the UK and are often mentioned in the same breathe as the likes of Marvell and S.A.S.

Despite being away for a minute now, on “We Are”, Midas Touch do brilliantly to re-introduce themselves, both to existing fans and a new crop of Hip-Hop listeners by creating a resoundingly Soulful Hip-Hop opus that is bound to rank highly on any essential Hip-Hop playlist of 2013.

With lyrical prowess of the highest order, strong vocal cadence, infectious flow and wordplay, over Self Taught Beats’ musical backdrop of lush string section, resounding horn arrangements and Jazzy smooth piano arrangements, “We Are” explore the evolution of Midas Touch, both collectively and individually – from growing up together in South London’s Deptford to finding and paving their own way in today’s changing music landscape.

What do you think of “We Are”?

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