WW3: Russia Won’t Back Down If War On Syria Declared

WW3 Day 1

The idea of World War 3 starting very soon all comes back to Syria. People who have been closely following the US’ movements in the areas surrounding Syria believe it is just a matter of time before Obama moves in, with what they think will take the form of supporting Syrian rebels. However, this could be quite problematic as Russia has recently claimed that the US, UK and France have allowed (and may even have armed) Syrian rebels to use chemical weapons – something which America and its allies have claimed the Syrian Government was doing, which is why they “needed” to get involved and disband it.

Russia has made it extremely clear that if any war was to happen involving Syria they would get involved. On June 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned against any attempt at foreign military intervention in Syria, stressing that such a move is doomed to fail. Shortly before this statement was released, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the West against attempting to overthrow the Syrian Government: “There are governments and outside players that believe that all means are appropriate [to be used] to overthrow the Syrian regime.”

As our heads are being turned away from the conflict in Syria by the Snowden Case, some argue that President Obama is preparing to engage in Syria. If this happens, there will only be one outcome: World War 3.

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