Fashion Blogger Wanted

Apparel Review

“I’d like to give you an idea of what we are looking for. Currently we have two blogs: Apparel Review is mainly a tshirt/hoody review company. This was our start up blog and has grown quite a following of UK apparel companies on the scene. The main ethos of this blog is to promote independent uk companies and be the first to find “the next big tshirt company.”

Moving on from this, as a female, i felt the need to brach out into womenswear, vintage and accessories. This has been a harder task as the majority of UK womenswear are from global brands such as Topshop/River Islan etc. Again the aim is to find “the next big independent thing” before it gets snapped up.

What I am looking for is someone willing to write 1 or 2 blogs a week for either/both of the blogs, to keep it relevant. The future aim of this is to turn the blog into a magzine (but thats a long way off just yet.) I would like a barage of writers involved with the blogs with their own personal role. I.E Beauty editor, fashion writer, interior design and so on. So that the entire blog has a large amount of substance and content.

The role is unpaid, it is for creative writers looking for a platform. What I am offering in return id recognition of your work, social media promotion, occasional products to review/keep and loyalty to your writing if/when a magazine goes into publishing.

If this interests you and you feel your writing style is appropriate, let me know and we can discuss what your role could be and where we can move on from here.”

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