Callum Read Releases ‘Home Demos: 2005 – 2013’ As FREE Download

Callum Read

Callum Read is a Singer/Songwriter originally from New Milton, Hampshire. His debut EP “Dull Camera” was released in July 2008. The following September he left for London where he eventually released his follow up EP “Waiting Room Religion” in October 2009. 

After inheriting a band for shows, the writing of new material naturally became louder and better equipped for a live, full band sound. Session musicians soon inherited a more permanent role and shortly the “band” – Callum Read & The Books was formed.

This was a step away from the frustrations of ‘acoustic’ showcases for Callum at the time and for 18 months Callum Read & The Books made an impression throughout London after releasing Grunge tinged Pop/Rock EP “A Year In The Faking” in October 2010.

After their disbandment in September 2011, Callum continued casually writing and recording all throughout 2012. Now based in Liverpool, almost 3 years after his last solo release, new material is on it’s way.

Here’s a taster of what is to come during 2013, as the talented musician has created an LP which is FREE to download. Consisting of 20 songs that have previously been unheard, this really is something exciting.

You can download ‘Home Demos: 2005 – 2013’ here:

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