Bold Is Beautiful

Bold Fashion

As women we spend a lot of our time enthralled by celebrity gossip; who’s dating who and which call-girl a certain England footballer has been sexting become topics of daily conversation when we meet for lunch with our girlies. In order to have the most interesting gossip to entertain our friends with we must seek it out and what better way to do this than buying magazines?

Loose Women

When we sit there and flick through the pages, what is it we see? Apart from stunning celebrities, whom we have an ongoing love/hate relationship with (we love them because they are beautiful and we hate them because they are beautiful), we are presented with bright and colourful clothes – this season’s new trend. Now this diversion in fashion has only come about fairly recently but I believe it is definitely here to stay and this is why.

Colourful Fashion

Wearing bright, bold and colourful clothes which stand out produces a knock-on effect for our lives. Take for example a job interview. Most people believe dressing in ‘sensible’ colours will aid them in their pursuit of this. Well let me tell you, unless you have 32F breasts which are protruding from your average-looking white blouse then this will not work. Pick a bright colour. Think reds and purples here. Obviously you want to avoid looking like a highlighter however I believe that being as bold as possible in how you dress, combined with holding your own in the interview, will get you that dream job you’ve always strived for.

Bright Office Attire

Another important aspect in every woman’s life falls to the area of love and all things romantic. I think most females would admit to being extremely picky when it comes to finding a suitable mate to roll around their silk bed sheets with and so it is only logical to infer that one would want to attract the sexiest male possible. Some women think the way to do this is by going on nights out wearing only a belt for a skirt and ending up sprawled across some poor unsuspecting man’s lap, whilst sipping on a bottle of the club’s finest Carlsberg. Why go to that much effort? Why throw all your morals away, when the simplest way to attract the hottie of your dreams is by the process known as ‘Peacocking’?


To explain in as few words as possible, ‘Peacocking’ involves dressing in as bright and outlandish clothes as possible in order to attract the opposite sex. So when pulling out your leopard print short-short-short shorts and bralet, think twice. Why not opt for something that covers your modesty, as well as making you stand out by being amazingly colourful? Remember, bold is beautiful.

By: Laura Hindley – @LauraHindley2

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