UK Based Rapper S.O.P Xcel Releases Debut Single ‘Speaking In Tongues’

S.O.P Xcel

UK based rapper S.O.P, aka S.O.P Xcel, will release his debut single “Nwannem” also known as “Speaking In Tongues”, at the end of July after the successful launch of the single’s video on YouTube on July 15th.

The highly anticipated afrobeat single was produced by a Nigeria based A-List producer ‘Tha Suspect’ of Capital Hill Music. The single highlights the star’s impressive song writing skills and his diverse take on the arrangement of musical genres.

Real name Emmanuel Ebokosia, the singer maintains his distinct and unique style. His latest track integrates catchy multi-lingual lyrics with undercurrents of hip hop and rap.
S.O.P recently opened the stage for Kukere hit maker “Iyanya” as the supporting act at IndigO2 during the UK launch of his ‘Desire’ album. His remarkable performance helped launch the African style hip hop scene right into a British mainstream audience.

Earlier in his career, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists including R-Kelly and Marvin Gaye, S.O.P became a songwriter siting RnB, pop and slow jam as his main influences. However, his introduction into the close-knit community of hip hop came in 2006. Inspired by school rap battles, S.O.P began to apply his highly acclaimed and established song writing skills to the rap and hip hop genres.

S.O.P’s hit club single, “Nwannem’, marks his introduction into the Nigerian music industry. With his debut single ready for launch and a string of collaborations with A-list producers, there seems to be nothing that this young afrobeat rapper, singer and songwriter can’t do.

The video for S.O.P’s debut single “Nwannem” is available now on YouTube, and the song will be available to purchase from iTunes end of July.

What do you guys think?

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