Faceless Promotions And Cultural Cocktails Team Up For New Radio Show

 Wednesday Waborita

Here at Faceless, we’re extremely passionate about promoting your work. Whether it’s music, art, blogging, vlogging, writing, beauty, photography, we love to help you give a face to your work.

We were very impressed when we came across Cultural Cocktails, a radio show which pretty much does the same thing. Based in America, the radio show seeks to give voice to authors, artists and other forms of art. It is for this reason that Faceless really wanted to work with the company somehow, which is how the idea for a joint radio show came about.

‘Wednesday Waborita’ plays on the idea of cocktails and aims to bring listeners the very best from the world of unknown entertainment. Based on the work we promote, the show will last for an hour and will seek to discuss themes and ideas behind some of the week’s best and most interesting posts. The show will be aired bi-weekly, with the first date set for 14th August at 8pm BST!

This pairing between an American radio show and English promotions site is something we’re excited to be a part of!

Share our enthusiasm and spread the word!

You can listen to the first show here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/culturalcocktails/2013/08/14/wednesday-waborita

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