Paying Homage To The King: The Story So Far

Paying Homage To The King

I want to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s not just because my Nan has it but because I feel it’s one of the worst diseases with very little mention and I believe music is a great way of grabbing people’s attention for a noble cause’ says Ryan

Ryan Junior Matthews-Robinson also known as Ragz-CV a young rapper from south London started his latest music project ‘Paying Homage to the King E.P’ with one intention on his mind, which was to revamp his granddad Robbie ‘King’ Robinson’s music and keep his legacy running through him. But in the early stages of developing the E.P the direction swiftly changed and became even more important than it originally was.

This happened when Ryan would go to his grandparents place to let them know how the project was going, at this point Ryan saw the brunt of how much his Nan was suffering. Maureen Robinson (Ryan’s Nan) suffers with dementia; a disease which causes severe memory loss, confusion and mood changes. As well as struggling with routine functions such as going to the toilet, dressing themselves and even eating.

What makes the situation worse is Ryan’s Granddad Robbie has diabetes and struggles to walk because of his weight but he still has to look after Maureen, as well as trying to look after himself. This has all became very real to Ryan recently and he wants to do his best to make his grandparents proud.

Ryan decided he wanted to help people like his Nan, so he got in contact with ‘Alzheimer’s Society’; a charity leading the fight against dementia. They were immediately interested in the venture, especially as Ryan promised to give them 50% of all proceeds.

Ryan saysThis project means much more to me now, with the help of Alzheimer’s Society hopefully I can raise as much awareness as possible.’ ‘I noticed generally people seem to think it’s only the elder generation who suffer with the disease, but fact is over 15,000 people under the age of 65 suffer with dementia in the UK alone.’

Ryan describes the E.P itself as Something for everyone to enjoy’ Ryan goes on to say ‘It has a real jazz feel which my granddad brings with his production and with my touch it’s just the right blend of old school and new school which I call jazz rap.’

On Monday 10th September 2012 Ryan Junior Matthews-Robinson and Junior Booker put on an event called ‘Positive Influence’ @ Brixton Jamm. It was Ryan’s new E.P ‘Paying Homage To The King’ Launch party and an Alzheimer’s fundraising event. The night was a massive success, with Ryan & Junior raising £800 for the charity. Performances from some of London’s best rappers, singers, comedians & poets on the night including Ryan performing his new E.P. Ryan said the night couldn’t have gone any better, I did this event to raise extra funds for people who suffer with Alzheimer’s like my Nan but I couldn’t have imagined it going so well, I have to say a big thank you to my family, my girl & my friends for all their support.’ The Lambeth Mayor Clive Bennett also made a unique appearance on the night to show his support to the guys and the charity. Junior said ‘I couldn’t believe how funny the mayor was he was the highlight of the night had everyone laughing’ The Lambeth mayor met with Ryan & Junior after the event to congratulate them on their great work.

As it stands, Ryan continues his magnificent cause with his new E.P ‘Paying Homage To The King’ which is now available in all good digital stores (E.G I tunes, Amazon, Spotify etc). Ryan says of his E.P it’s very special to me because it’s some of my best music, I’m keeping my granddads legacy alive through me & I’m helping people like my Nan who are suffering with this terrible disease.’

Since the event Ryan has been granted permission to sale his CD at Co-op stores all over South London. After selling he’s CD for two days at he’s store in Forestdale making over £600 for the charity which really pleased his area manager. Ryan has continued his great work at 9 other Co-op stores these are the results:

Addiscombe Co-op: £201.21
S.Norwood Co-op: £150.36
Sydenham Co-op: £200.47
Tulse Hill Co-op: £155.08
West norwood Co-op: £143.06
East Dulwich Co-op: £163.00
Streatham Co-op: £173.04
Camberwell Co-op: £100.37
Rose Hill Co-op: £157.21

That’s £1,443.08 going to ‘Alzheimer’s Society’ charity and since Ryan’s CD came out on September 10th 2012, he’s raised over £3,500 for the charity. He has been rewarded through being nominated for ‘Best Newcomer 2012′ at the Official Mixtape Awards. Also being nominated for a Croydon Champion Award for the amazing awareness and money his E.P has raised for charity, Ragz has been performing at many shows all over London selling his CD while there. He performed tracks off his E.P at a prestigious charity dinner held by now former Lambeth Mayor Clive Bennett on 9th march 2013 at The Oval cricket ground and was warmly appreciated for his hard work by all in attendance. To further push his E.P Ragz-CV is continuing to perform all over the UK. Ragz recently sold his E.P at Brixton Tesco on June 29th 2013 and made £183.37 for the charity.

The E.P is available to buy on amazon, spotify & itunes:

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