PR & Marketing Internship

List Of Life

“List of Life Ltd are offering a PR and Marketing based work experience opportunity.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work experience position, so it is unpaid. We will reimburse monthly travel costs.

The office environment is well motivated, fun and up beat. This will suit someone who is looking to get into events PR and Marketing, or someone who has some relevant experience or training. We are looking for someone who can come in pretty much full time and we would be looking for a minimum of two month’s commitment.

Only applications that include a CV and a cover letter citing relevant experience and why they are interested in pursuing a career in PR and Marketing will be considered.

Job Description

Below is the range of jobs that you may be involved with. You will be expected to help out with general office duties such as answering customer queries and taking payments. The PR role will vary according to our workload however; we are aware that you are here to get experience and will ensure that you get a wide range of jobs to do.

PR Internship Duties
• A natural flair for writing high quality content and a keen eye for detail when it comes to spelling and grammar is absolutely essential
• Understanding the importance of link building for the website
• Writing blogs for the company’s own sites as well as guest blogging
• Looking for relevant sites to share posts with
• Helping to market new products through content writing
• Learning about the SEO strategies of the company
• Training with Content Management Systems, Google Analytics and Adwords
• General admin work, including understanding the companies booking system and how the bookings team work…”

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