Creative Writer Wanted For Social Media Internship

Social Media Opportunity

“This intern-ship is for 3 months and expenses will be paid @ £50 per week.

The opportunity would benefit an enthusiastic, self motivated graduate who has has good English language skills and is confident in writing blogs and social media posts / write-ups.

Job Description:
• Develop and maintain business social media.
• Assist the Head of Marketing with campaigns.
• Research topics and trends for social media posts in line with business areas

Familiarity with:
• Google Plus
• Linkin
• WordPress or Blogger
• Twitter
• Facebook

Skills and Personal Qualities:
• Good written and spoken English.
• Good phone manner.
• Ability to conduct research on & offline.

The role involves promotion of various projects. We are looking for people who are passionate about social media and active users of social networks like Facebook. This is an excellent role for someone looking to learn about online marketing / social media and wants a career in this field…”

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One Response to Creative Writer Wanted For Social Media Internship

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