REVIEW: Georgie Chapple’s EP ‘You Are You’ (Free Download)

Georgie Chapple

Georgie Chapple has released her debut EP ‘You Are You’ as a free download. The EP opens with ‘Gravity’, a tune filled with spunky vibes and infectious lyrics. This sets the EP up very nicely, as it gives you an insight into the type of artist Georgie is. Fun, confident and sassy. As the EP moves on, we’re presented with an acoustic performance of ‘Mirror’. Throughout this there are aspects reminiscent of a young Demi Lovato and this continues to the title song ‘You Are You’. This is my favourite aspect to the EP, as it encompasses a great feel-good message for listeners. When the EP draws to a close, we’re treated to a live recording of ‘Gone’. Maroon 5 is probably the closest comparison, in terms of the backing music, with Georgie putting her own unique stamp on the song with those powerful vocals.

Georgie Chapple, is a British/German Singer and Songwriter, who was born into a family of musicians. Growing up listening to a mix of Mary J Blige, Destiny’s Child and Michael Jackson to ToTo and Journey, she was already forging out her own distinctive style for production and writing.

After moving to London in 2011, she was able to get immediately involved with the London music scene, and had managed to claim small successes for herself, such as headlining at Proud Camden, rocked the house at Ginglik London, being interviewed for a radio station and her very first radio play, just one year after moving to the big city of music.

You can download Georgie’s ‘You Are You’ EP for FREE from

To celebrate the release, we’ve given you some of Georgie’s fantastic covers and live performances!

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