Midas Touch Release ‘Special Vibe’

Midas Touch Special Vibe

Having made their long-awaited return to the music landscape only a few weeks ago, critically acclaimed UK Hip-Hop trio MIDAS TOUCH are back again with another excellent Hip-Hop opus titled “Special Vibe” and along with it, comes a minimalistic music video to depict their “special vibe” and represent their core ethos that less is indeed more…

Riding high on the back of the massive support the trio has been receiving so far from heavyweight tastemakers such as SoulCulture, RESPECT Magazine and SBTV, Midas Touch have taken it back to basics and to the very essence of Hip-Hop music with the new video for “Special Vibe”, giving the song lyrics and content the special focus it deserves over the simple visual canvas directed by DNV and sponsored by Bornstar Clothing.

Thematically, “Special Vibe” continues very much where the previously released “We Are” stops, as it reaffirms Midas Touch’s special position in UK Hip-Hop music, as distinct and in a different league from any other Hip-Hop groups in the country. Whenever these three Hip-Hop stalwarts get together, it’s always a “special vibe” and over this lush sample-driven music backdrop provided by Blackmale Beats, AKS, J The Exodus and Phoenix Da Icefire take it all the way back to the golden ages of Hip-Hop, with their stellar lyrics driven cypher-esque 16 bars…

Midas, Yeah we‘re the ones you’ve been waiting on. That genuine gold…

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