Socially Unacceptable Behaviour That Has Become Acceptable


Any story that begins “back in the day when I was younger” is inevitably going to be a rant or a moan, so apologies in advance. However, back in the day when I was younger life seemed so simple. Sure, it was probably because all I could think about was which friend to invite round for dinner and which person I fancied most this week. However, I do believe society has changed dramatically since I was the tender age of 9/10. Behaviour that would never have been deemed as acceptable has somehow been accepted, which I believe is mostly down to the fact that the internet and technology has basically taken over our lives. I decided to compile a list of things people do today that I find completely strange and many others, years ago, would have also found weird.

Social Interaction Through A Computer

I miss the days where you had to phone somebody’s house phone to arrange a meeting point and then had to be there on time because there was no way of texting to say “I’m going to be 5 minutes” when you are actually still at home watching Jeremy Kyle. Gone are the days when you actually enjoy physically meeting up with somebody to reveal your latest gossip because Whatsapp and texting have taken over. Everybody knows exactly what goes on in everybody else’s lives, as all they need to do is read their social media profiles. People must feel so hollow and empty without genuine and meaningful friendships and conversation, yet many adhere to these common practices.

Being Rude Through Texting/Emails

It may just be me but anybody who is rude through texting and emails, as opposed to saying what they want to your face, are complete and utter cowards. Hiding behind a computer screen or mobile phone screen is pathetic, yet people feel invincible when they aren’t face to face with the other person. I’m pretty sure that 99% of the time, there is no way anybody would say these things to another person’s face and so suddenly finding the balls to do it via the means of technology is ridiculous. Get a hobby and channel your obvious resentment at being (not so) blessed with a below average sized penis into something productive.

Bullying Through Social Media

Bullying has never been okay, whatever form it has taken. However, since the invention of social media channels such as Twitter, people are able to just hurl disgustingly vile insults at whoever they want. This vessel of hate is sickening. None of these people who sit behind a laptop screen, probably insecure because of how fat or ugly they are, would ever walk up to a random person in the street and start shouting horrible things at them. This is probably because the response they would get back is “go home and eat a McDonalds” or perhaps something less polite involving a lot of four letter words.

‘Liking’ People’s Photos

If you’ve posted holiday snaps, I understand the ‘liking’. If you’ve had a new haircut, I also understand the ‘liking’. However, if you just sit there and post a new poserish photograph every day where you look like the exact same breed of duck, I don’t understand it. Would you stand in the street, sucking your cheeks in, and wait for somebody to come up to you and tell you how lovely you look? Probably not and if you would, you need a mental health evaluation. It just isn’t normal. Come on, is that all you dedicate your time to? Why don’t you spend your free time engaging your brain with a good book or learning about the world?

Having An Opinion About Everything And Having To State It


Having an opinion is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, as there’s nothing worse than somebody who sits on the fence and doesn’t know how they feel about anything in life. However, since  the invention of social media, people feel the need to profess their opinion about everything you do. “I’ve just bought an XBox! I’m so excited” – do you really need to answer with why the XBox is worse than a PlayStation 4? No. Nobody even cares. Nobody gives a crap about your opinion and the person who posted that status also doesn’t care. People are individuals. That means they have different interests and hobbies than you. Shock. Just because somebody prefers something over another thing, does not mean you need to profess why they shouldn’t think that way. Snore. Get a job. Get a life. Get off Facebook.

Call me old fashioned if you like. I can’t help but think that technology has caused humans to revert back to their primate selves, where all they can do is grunt and make sounds when in physical contact with somebody else. Talk to people, learn about their lives, share your experiences. We’re only here once, so why waste it?

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