The Next Terrorist Attack: What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

Terrorist Attack

World War 3 and the idea of America getting involved with conflict is something talked about a great deal at the moment. From Edward Snowden and the Wikileaks saga to Obama preparing to engage Syriawhether or not a war will ensue is a hot topic.

The following video discusses things that many people forget. Firstly, that America and the CIA actually funded al-Qaeda. Not only that but Bin Laden, a man whom America said was a global threat, was actually on the CIA’s payroll. This idea of scapegoating an individual after aiding them, through money and resources, is something which many say is happening now.

Drawing upon the examples of the Gulf Of Tonkin, an event that America has admitted was completely fabricated to provide the pretext for the Vietnam War, the video illustrates how America creates situations to suit their own needs. It’s important to note that should a person have claimed the Gulf Of Tonkin to be a fabricated event by the USA back when it allegedly occurred, they would have been labelled a “nut job” and a “conspiracy theorist”.

In this instance, the video argues that America will create another “terrorist attack” to enable them to take away freedom.


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