Help Those In Need: The Oklahoma Tornado

Oklahoma Tornado

In the UK we’re lucky enough to not have to go through many natural disasters and even if we do they generally don’t cause much destruction. That’s not the case in America. On May 30th 2013 a terrible tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma. Schools, businesses and houses lay in ruins. Homes were crushed into piles of wood, barely recognisable and far removed from the happy and secure environment they once were. Cars and trucks were left crumpled on the roadside.

Marie Fostino tells of her daughter’s panic during the event, as she had a classroom full of children. “My daughter called me and told me how her classroom was full of children, as well as her own kids who were at different schools.” This is a situation any parent would fear. Marie continues, “She was able to make a choice to run to her youngest child’s school and bring her back to the classroom before the tornado hit.” Kristina, Marie’s daughter, was faced with the difficult task of remaining calm and helping her class whilst panicking about her own family and their safety. “She tried to protect her class but her heart was breaking because she feared for her other two children and husband.” Kristina was so shaken up during the incident as one of the boys had cradled a little girl, trying to protect her, only to have some of the roof fall on him. After the worst of the tornado had passed and the parents had collected their children, Kristina returned home to find her car destroyed with trees lying on top of it. “When she finally got home she was relieved to see that her husband was able to get their other two children and go into the storm shelter,” Marie explains.

The next day, after all of the crying and anxiety, she returned to her school to find utter devastation. The classroom she was teaching in a mere 24 hours before was destroyed, along with other parts of the school. Having heard her daughter’s ordeal, Marie has decided to raise money for the schools hit by the tornado. Kristina’s classroom will not be ready for the start of school and she will have to teach in the library with her students. Imagine how difficult that will be, with people walking in and out and distracting the children.

As with everything in life, every little helps. Whether it’s a small amount or a large amount of money, any donation is greatly received by Kristina and the children who value their education so much. With so much sadness and destruction these young people have to deal with, ensuring they have a classroom to feel safe in would help them more than you could imagine.

You can donate to this worthy cause here:

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