Syria: Hundreds Die As Chemical Weapons Used

Syria Chemical Attacks

Reports have surfaced today that suggest hundreds of civilians have died in Syria following chemical attacks. The attack took place, within the region of Damascus, as part of heavy bombardment where government forces have been trying to drive out rebel forces.

Footage has been uploaded to YouTube by activists who were at the scene. Not only does it depict hundreds of people being treated in makeshift hospitals, it also shows many victims having convulsions. Whilst some will say the footage is fake, initial checks have been carried out and there has been no suggestion that it is anything but real.

Pictures on social media platforms, such as Twitter, are doing their rounds as well. There is an imagine in particular, which shows a line of dead babies, which illustrates the harrowing nature of this situation. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, I have not included the image in this blog post however you can view it HERE.

There have been previous reports that the US, UK & France had armed Syrian rebels with chemical weapons themselves, so can we even be sure that it’s the government forces who have carried out these attacks? Some people believe this is actually an outside job, as they don’t believe the two sides would genuinely use chemical weapons on each other. If this is true, could Obama be to blame? There were also reports, if you remember, that claim he was ready to engage Syria. Could this be part of the master plan?

What do you think?






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