As New York Stock Market Halts, American Forces Enter Syria Undetected

New York Stock Market

As we were bombarded with news stories relating to the halting of the NASDAQ stock trading in New York due to a ‘bug’ in the system, American forces entered Syria. Why did we not hear about this? Because it wasn’t even reported.

First off, in regards to the stock exchange issue, officials claimed that the half was not at the result of a bug. In fact, they pointed the blame at a “hacking collective” known as the Cyber Fighters of Izz ad-Din-alQassam, an Iranian supported organisation. This isn’t the first time the Government has deflected the blame for an economic disaster though. There have been a number of incidents where they have centred their attentions on a foreign enemy and gone to war with this country. So do we actually believe any claims that an Iranian backed “hacking” organisation is to blame for the recent stock exchange panic?

What’s more important to note, however, is the fact that whilst this was going on in the mainstream media and being reported a French newspaper (the second largest within the country) called Le Figaro reported that American forces had entered Syria FOUR DAYS before any reports surfaced of nuclear weapons being used on innocent civilians. See below:

“According to our information, the regime’s opponents, supervised by Jordanian, Israeli and American commandos moving towards Damascus since mid-August. This attack could explain the possible use of the Syrian president to chemical weapons.

According to information obtained by Le Figaro , the first trained in guerrilla warfare by the Americans in Jordan Syrian troops reportedly entered into action since mid-August in southern Syria, in the region of Deraa. A first group of 300 men, probably supported by Israeli and Jordanian commandos, as well as men of the CIA, had crossed the border on August 17. A second would have joined the 19. According to military sources, the Americans, who do not want to put troops on the Syrian soil or arming rebels in part controlled by radical Islamists form quietly for several months in a training camp set up at the border Jordanian- Syrian fighters ASL, the Free Syrian Army, handpicked.”
Translation via Zero Hedge 

This may have worked before for the Government, with situations like Iraq, however the same thing will not happen this time. Both Russia and China are now involved, with big parts to play in the confrontation. Russia itself has warned the Western nations that the Syrians will be armed, should they choose to enter the country. Not only that but the weapons of choice will be ones never before seen in the Middle East, with the potential to go nuclear should any military fighting take place.

The only four areas to possess nuclear weapons are Russia, USA, China and Isreal, therefore Russia could only have been hinting at a potential war between themselves and USA…

What do you think?





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