La Footyettes: A Female Voice In Football

La Footyettes

For a woman who enjoys sports, including football, the only place to express thoughts and opinions are publications which are predominately male orientated. There seems to be a widespread view that women aren’t interested in sports, which is obviously ridiculous. There are so many talented journalists and writers who are female and who do enjoy writing about the latest goings on in the Premiership, from Arsenal’s snail-like attempts to make a summer signing to the Gareth Bale saga.

It is for this reason that La Footyettes was set up. We have already featured a Q&A session with the now Editor, Rebecca Knightwhich highlighted the preconceived ideas about women in media and the footballing world.

The website ( is an exciting, fun and forward-thinking publication, with lots on there to keep readers entertained. Not only that but La Footyettes are recruiting online contributors! If you’re a woman with a passion for football, send a tweet to @LaFootyettes and you can receive further information that way.

What do you think about this new addition to the online journalistic world?

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