Spiro III Releases ‘Here We Go’


London-born hip hop artist Spiro III has released his fantastic new track ‘Here We Go’. The third single to be taken from his ‘Faith vs Fear’ album, this is sure to be a hit that everybody will want on their summer playlist.

Spiro III is set to be one of the breakthrough artists of 2013, as his smooth vocals and poignant lyrics are something that blend together to bring about an infectious tune. With his laid-back style and hard-hitting beats, ‘Here We Go’ is a phenomenal release that is sure to take the charts by storm. With the radio support the song has already received, ‘Here We Go’ will take Spiro’s career to the next-level and the future for this talented young star is looking nothing but bright.

Talking about his music and the positive influence the artist hopes it can have, Spiro said: “I think music is very important to people’s lives especially in this day and age so if in the process my words can impact someone in a positive way then that would be a major achievement in itself. I aim to do music that can affect people’s lives positively hence why I’m very selective with what I put out.”

What do you think of ‘Here We Go’?

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