‘Wednesday Waborita’ 28/08/2013 – Listen Here

Wednesday Waborita

We were excited to get stuck into our second radio show with Cultural Cocktails and Janice Ross, especially following the great feedback we got about the first! 

We opened with the heart-breaking story of the Oklahoma tornado, as told by Marie Fostino. For those who wish to donate to the cause and help some great children get their classroom back, you can reach out to @MarieFostino on Twitter.

Next up for discussion was Martha and her fantastic #MarthaFriday music covers. Following a stint in the UK’s X Factor, going under real-name Laura White, Martha is back with a fantastic jazz/blues sound and is set to release her debut EP.

We swiftly moved on to Beyonce‘s controversial performance at V Festival, discussing how a festival is completely different from a tour and why fans were so disgruntled with the star’s attempt to entertain.

A fantastic new online publication was the topic of conversation. Titled ‘La Footyettes’the main aim of the project is to bring a female voice to the footballing world. Not only that but a fantastic opportunity for all of you female football fans has cropped up, as the publication is scouting talent of its own. If you’d like to get involved and contribute to La Footyettes, you can get in touch via Twitter with @LaFootyettes.

Following the introduction of Ragz-CV and his fantastic EP ‘Paying Homage To The King’ last week, we wanted to let our listeners know about a fantastic ‘Positive Influence’ event the performer is putting on with comedian Junior Booker for Alzheimer’s Charity.

The final topic we broached was the idea of socially unacceptable behaviour that has now become acceptable through the use of technology and social media. We’re talking being rude through emails, only communicating through a computer, cyber bullying, ‘liking’ photos and a whole manner of strange behaviours that people who have laughed at years ago.

If you want to listen back to last night’s show, you can here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/culturalcocktails/2013/08/28/wednesday-waborita

Remember we’ll be back in just under two weeks for our third ‘Wednesday Waborita’. Note the date 11th September down, as we’ll be on the air at 8pm BST!

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