The Scarlet Orchid: Empowering Women Of All Ages To Explore, Embrace And Celebrate Their Sexuality

The Scarlet Orchid Logo

Female empowerment is an extremely important issue in today’s society, especially considering the number of challenges women face. From issues in the workplace to inequalities in their personal lives, it can be extremely difficult for females to donate time to themselves.

Not only are women discriminated against and suppressed in their own lives, the media facilitates this negative relationship between self esteem and gender. As pointed out in our interview with football journalist (and now Editor of La Footyettes) Rebecca Knight, many people have preconceived ideas of what women are capable of and if they differ from those norms it’s seen as a negative thing.

This idea of deviating from the norms and being scolded for it by society often exists when talking about sex and sexuality. It’s almost seen as a taboo for women to be open about their bodies and sex lives, which is quite ridiculous when you consider the fact that back in the days of the Romans and Greeks sexuality was something praised and nurtured. For this reason, The Scarlet Orchid formed.

Summed up in a sentence, the organisation is a hub which empowers women of all ages to explore, embrace and celebrate their sexuality. Having recruited a fantastic team of loyal and talented female writers, articles featured on the website will range from serious to fun. One issue covered is how having cancer and a mastectomy can affect your self-esteem and sex life; something which is vital to be talked about in an age where 1 in 3 people suffer from the disease. Whilst other important topics are broached, the more cheeky aspects of sexuality are also touched upon. From the latest sex toys to songs to get you and your partner in the mood, everything is covered on the inspiring website.

Launching at the beginning of September, women interested in contributing or being a member of this community should enter their email into the section provided on the website and wait for a newsletter officially declaring the grand cyber opening of the site. You can see for yourself here: and @AScarletOrchid

To find out a little bit more about the project, take a look at this short YouTube introduction to The Scarlet Orchid by Creative Directors Jools and Jude:

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