Kelz TBK Ft. Reblyne – Can You Feel It (Official Video)

Kelz TBK

Kelz TBK has released the first single from critically acclaimed mixtape ‘The Black Kupid II’, which is titled ‘Can You Feel It’.

The track sees Kelz TBK brought together with Reblyne; a combination that is sure to make its mark on the UK Hip Hop scene. Lyrically, the release is very tongue-in-cheek, as it pokes fun at those in the industry who air on the side of pretension and this is also seen in the video with the idea of alter egos.

Kelz TBK says of the single, “The song is about being in your own world, coming out of your shell and being happy with yourself. You’ve got to enjoy what you’re about and not take yourself too seriously. Yeah, have bravado, be a bit cocky but don’t forget who you are.”

The video was influenced by Kanye West’s seminal smash ‘Gold Digger’. No frills, no distractions, just a microphone and the music. The production layers hypnotic, seductive beats that build and climax into an orgy of strings, synths and swag.

What do you think?

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